3D weaving technique able to weave fibre yarns into any number of required preforms

This cutting-edge machine can be easily adopted by current manufacturers to produce incomparable fabrics.

The 3D weaving technique can process a range of fibres, from soft to any number of brittle and traditionally difficult to weave materials (such as glass, ceramics, and metals), with less distortion introduced to the fibre compared to conventional shuttle loom and Jacquard loom methods.

3D weaving machine

In addition, this innovative technology offers a significant reduction on fabric waste compared to conventional weaving machines. Furthermore, it has no limit on dimensions, allowing the preform to be as narrow as possible and as thick as required, which opens up limitless possibilities in fabric manufacturing.

3D weaving machine/method

3D weaving machine

The unique machine can create continuous complex structures as is required for the manufacturing process. As evidence of the incredible applications the weaving technology can have, it has already been used to produce preforms for aerospace applications in a variety of different research projects, demonstrating how this really is a space-age development.

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