Manchester BioFactory will transform the speed and efficiency at which biology can be engineered, delivering high performance products to the biotechnology industry


Our vision is to transform bioindustry to create a highly efficient, productive, and sustainable future, with a ‘Do More, Use Less’ philosophy at our core.

Manchester BioFactory is a spin-out from The University of Manchester and markets a proprietary  technology platform to engineer enzymes for industry.

Directed evolution is a very powerful laboratory technique that harnesses the power of evolution to genetically engineer enzymes and proteins to endow them with new and improved properties. However, navigating the astronomical genetic diversity that is generated is a huge and costly problem for industry.

Our platform technology, HiVE (High Intensity Variant Evolution) aims to streamline and accelerate the search, making the discovery of novel enzymes simpler and much less resource intensive. This is of interest to customers in the pharma, food/feed, environmental science, and chemical industries.

Especially in pharmaceutical manufacturing, the use of enzymes has made great inroads because these biocatalysts possess unique properties like high selectivity which often leads to simplified synthetic routes and they operate under milder and potentially greener reaction conditions. In short, the outcome is that biocatalysis provides a sustainable alternative and saves the customer money. We estimate that in pharma alone, the demand of directed evolution service projects will generate an annual £5-7.5 million in revenue over time.

Manchester BioFactory have developed an integrated suite of synthetic biology and informatics methods to optimize directed evolution of proteins. Covering the full Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle that typifies synthetic biology, Manchester BioFactory provides a one-stop shop for protein optimization, from library design, automated assembly, novel screening approaches, to data analysis approaches.

We will start off as a service company, with revenue reinvested into the company’s growth. By hiring more people and expanding robotic and analytical equipment, we will increase our capabilities in terms of number of projects that we can simultaneously undertake. With a growing level of expertise and name recognition, we will be able to attract development partners, together with whom we will make our first move into a high value market such as the therapeutic protein field.

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